The key to building strong communities is effective communication.

Company History


In 2014, Alpine Media Technology caused a lot of head-scratching and skepticism in the ski industry when we burst onto the scene with our All Mountain Platform (AMP), headlined by our patented product LiftDigital. As a digital communications system that thrives in harsh conditions, AMP provides ski resorts the ability to connect with their guests in real-time to provide event updates, ride status, trail status, emergency messaging and much more.

After several years of success and continued platform development, we decided to take our proven platform into additional industries where organizations have a distinct need to connect with the community of people they interact with daily.

In 2020, our flexible and scalable technology allowed us to quickly and successfully launch into two new industry verticals (senior care and homeowner associations), with an additional two already under development as well. With even more to come beyond these, we are poised as a leader in Engagement Technology.

Head scratching and skepticism welcome, we seek to amaze while building trust with our clients as we work to partner with thousands of organizations across dozens of industries.

Leadership Team