Alpine Media Technology

Communication platforms that build community. Through a combination of mobile apps, digital signage, and a web-based content management system, we empower communities to more effectively share information in real-time.

From mountain resorts to senior care facilities, the AMT platform can be adapted to meet the communication needs of any community.

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Mountain Resorts & Theme Parks

First launched in 2014, Alpine Media communicates real-time information across ski resorts, theme parks, and other organizations.

With LiftDigital, a patented system for delivering digital content to ski lifts and gondolas, along with branded mobile apps and digital signage, Alpine Media delivers the information guests are looking for anywhere on or off the mountain.

For brands and agencies looking to connect with a highly affluent, educated, and active demographic, Alpine Media offers advertising opportunities across its network of connected displays.

Alpine Media reaches nearly 10% of the US ski market with more than 2000 connected displays across the most iconic US ski resorts.

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HOAM - Homeowners Association Platform

Homeowner Associations

Launched in March 2020, HOAM enables homeowner associations (HOAs) to communicate more efficiently with residents and homeowners, as well as board members and staff.

Whether it's the monthly events calendar, booking reservations for various amenities, or urgent messages delivered by push notification, HOAM makes communicating pertinent information to all members of a neighborhood easy and efficient.

There are over 351,000 homeowner associations in the United States. Collectively, this represents over 40 million households or 53% of the owner occupied households in America. source

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Quiltt - Senior Living Community Platform

Senior Living Communities

Launched in March 2020, Quiltt enables long term care facilities (e.g., independent living, assisted living, memory care, and nursing homes) to communicate more efficiently with residents, family members, and staff.

Whether it's the monthly activity calendar, what’s on the menu for tomorrow, or urgent messages delivered by push notification, Quiltt makes communicating pertinent information to all members of a senior care community easy and efficient.

Current estimates suggest that the demand for long-term care among the elderly will more than double in the next thirty years. source

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In May 2021, we launched CampusHub to improve the way schools communicate with students, parents & family members, and staff in order to increase overall engagement. 

From daily menus, activities, and announcements to alert notifications, student & staff recognition awards, and parent/teacher messaging-  CampusHub uses mobile apps, indoor & outdoor displays, and large roadside marquees to quickly, easily and efficiently build communication, transparency, and trust among all members of a school community.

According to a national study, 34% of all families are not properly engaged with the schools their children attend, and 24% of parents say that absence of engagement is caused by either a lack of access to technology or a lack of tools for effective communication. source

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